install Solar PV with no capex - pay up to 35% less for your power

Helping Businesses Convert to Green Sustainable Energy through Solar PV and Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

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SME Climate Hub - Energy Renewables

Energy Renewables are proud to have made the SME Climate Commitment. Join us and get access to a range of tools, which will help you plan how to get to net zero: @SMEClimateHub -



receive reduced price electricity (up to 35% lower than your current unit rate and usually fixed to inflation) for up to 25 years.

The supplier...

leases your roof space and receives the revenue from selling you electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement (The PPA).


All benefit from a reduction in your carbon footprint in our effort to fight climate change. 

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Working with Businesses, Landlords and Schools


Cutting edge commercial solar systems at NO capital cost

Carbon Reduction

Carbon reduction solutions for businesses from multi-nationals to SMEs and schools

Energy Costs

Fix and reduce your energy overheads with no capital investment

Real Estate Value

Maximise the value of your real estate

Future Proofing

Future-proof your organisation against rising energy costs and carbon levies

Versatile Solutions

Versatile solutions designed for both owner-occupiers and tenants

Experienced Suppliers

Our suppliers are both experienced and market leaders in property and renewable energy solutions


Our solutions support both environmental targets and combat climate change

Funded Solutions

Funded solutions - Off Balance Sheet, CAPEX and CAPEX free with a Power Purchase Agreement


Minimal disruption during construction and operation


High returns on self-funded investment

Solar Arrays

Ground mounted solar arrays adjacent to where power is utilised. Or full ground arrays

Energy Renewables in Partnership with Eden Sustainable

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