installation of solar PV to an existing roof 

Now you can tap into clean, cheap solar power without paying a penny for the technology, the equipment, the installation, or the maintenance.

How easy is it to install sustainable solar pv to an existing roof? 

You get the recommended cutting edge Solar Photovoltaic panels fitted to your roof, or to nearby vacant land, connecting directly to your electricity supply. 

You can relax in the knowledge that every potential technical and physical challenge is overcome with intelligence and creativity. The result is a reliable, perfectly-fitted system that'll deliver low cost energy efficiently for the lifetime of the deal, a full 25 years. 

Every photovoltaic system is carefully installed according to the specific instructions contained in the installation guidelines and your unique Project Report. All installations are supported by state-of-the-art technology, insider knowledge, and many years' experience installing solar systems.

The Project Report

 Your Project Report will carefully analyse the roof or land to make sure the area is suitable for the relevant load, of the right quality, and in a good enough condition. We calculate the maximum load-bearing capacity of the roof construction and check it with the manufacturer of the particular system we've recommended for you. 

We take great care over the details, things like the module clamping guidelines, module clamping surface and clamping range, and can expertly adapt the mounting system if necessary, always in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Requirements and Regulations

Taking the requirements for the protection of PV mounting systems against lightning and surges very seriously, we always meet the relevant regulations as well as observing the specifications given by the  power supply company.

We'll make sure your new system won't affect your existing lightning protection system, putting in place the correct separation distances between the PV system and the lightning protection system itself. 

Local fire regulation are crucial, and we take them very seriously. We take Health and Safety into account at every stage, too. We'll ensure your installation strictly adheres to all the relevant national and location-specific building regulations, safety and accident prevention regulations, and environmental protection regulations. 

Installation of PV systems is only carried out by trained, highly experienced specialists. We provide our fitters with all the right climbing aids and fall-protection equipment as well as protection from falling parts, and we carefully check all the system components for damage before we begin. 

In short, our experienced experts will do a superb job for you, ticking every possible safety, efficiency and technical box to create a system that'll keep you saving money on energy effectively and efficiently for a full quarter of a century. 

Energy Renewables in Partnership with Eden Sustainable

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